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10 Valentine’s Makeup Ideas Perfect Makeup for Brunettes

by Alina

10 Valentine’s Day makeup ideas perfect for brunettes Looking for makeup ideas but can’t find one that matches your skin tone.


This is the makeup that started to steal our eyes. Although combinations are made with intense colors, mixing them are able to merge with the tone of the skin, giving a coral appearance to the entire face.


For those who never wear makeup but want to look a little different, use blush and bronzer to highlight the cheekbones and contour is the option. Also use a brown shadow on the upper socket of the eye and on the lower line of the eyelashes to give depth. Finish with a pink lipstick with a creamy texture.


Latinas love to wear red lips and more on this date. Balance the impact of color with a line and mask. You can use a tanr to get around your face.


Another makeup we love is this, a mixture of brick with gold on the fixed eyelid and a thick contour. Add some fake eyelashes if you feel you miss an extra punch.


We love the cat’s eye because it makes us feel sexy, that’s why we don’t lack a look at a date. It combines brown tones with golden and even reddish tones. Illuminate the lacrimal area and put a lipstick in matt texture to give volume to the lips.


As we just said, lipsticks with this texture make your lips look bigger. You can match the tone of this and its shadows. As you can see, not all looks need a giant line or very elongated.


If neither pastel pink nor crimson red is your thing, using your lips in wine is the option. For the eyes, focus on lighting and use brown tones in very light tones so as not to overload the makeup.


For those who go out to party with friends, we love this makeup. It combines golden shadows with oranges as if it were a gradient, but also has a thin outline. Lipstick is the darkest color of shadows.


The combination of the fatal female. If you are already a master of blur and shadows, this is your challenge. Here we exchange the illuminator for a gold and combine it with a brown shadow. Nothing attracts more attention than intense red lips.


If you have plans too early or in the afternoon, dare to experience this orange shade and one in beige. All you need is this and a few layers of mascara to achieve this sensual look. Don’t forget to outline your eyebrows well.

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