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5 care methods tested for dry scalp

by Alina

Although dry scalp is one of the most common scalp problems, it can make those who experience this problem feel helpless. We did some research, and we tried everything, and we saw that you’re not helpless. With the following 5 treatments, you can get rid of dandruff and dry scalp problems!

Do not shower with hot water


Dry scalp gets worse in cold weather because people want to take a hot shower to keep warm. Be careful because hot water irritates the scalp, causing it to dry out even more. So wash with warm water and rinse with cold water.

Be consistent


Use products designed to remove bran and dry scalp, try natural shampoos. And try to be consistent. Always wash your hair with this kind of shampoo and remember that besides dandruff, there are other features such as moisturizing hair and lubrication control.

Proper shampooing

Shampoo your hair in circular motions. Be gentle and massage the scalp to remove dead cells. Make sure your hair skin and nails don’t come into contact. This can irritate the skin and cause itching. Rinse after leaving the shampoo in your hair for a minute or two.

Rinse well

Rinse until you are sure that you have no shampoo or conditioner left in your hair. Product residues can irritate the scalp. If you think you have shampoo in your hair, re-enter the shower and rinse all day than your hair skin itching.

Tiny details

Brush your hair. If you brush every day, double it every day. The hairbrush stimulates the scalp and allows oils to rise to the surface. Thus, your hair is naturally moisturized. Also make sure your body gets the moisture it needs. For plenty of water, eat foods that contain healthy fats such as salmon, avocados and walnuts. Finally, stay away from stress!

6 ways to deal with bad hair



If you are a mother with small children, ponytail or newly washed hair should be among your favorites; Because you don’t have time to do your hair! But sometimes you want to look nice. Check out our tips to make you look nice by shaping your hair when you don’t have time.

The lunchbox is ready, you put the shoes on, you lock the door, the kids got into the service. It’s your turn, brushing your teeth, makeup, ironing, dressing (finding something to wear!), shoes, everything is ok. It’s so intense every morning, isn’t it? Then it was time for the hair. Some of it’s sticky, some of it’s mixed up… What do you think you’re going to do in a panic? There’s no need to panic. With a few realistic tips, your hair can look beautiful, even on busy mornings.

  • Wash long or medium length hair overnight and make a bun on top of your head. Open the morning knob and enjoy the wild waves.
  • French knitting always adds a pleasant eda. To make it look smooth, braid your hair tightly and then loosen it.
  • Are you one of those who sleep with wet hair and wake up with electrified hair? Take a drop or two of oil in your hand and rub it on your hair. It both polishes it and makes it look smooth.
  • You try to make your hair a ponytail, but small hair is revolting? After very little hair spray, fasten stubborn hair with a dryer.
  • If your hair is lubricated, use a thick headband. Because the bottoms of the hair are lubricated, there will be no such problem at the ends. Hide your greasy hair and create a ’70s vibe.
  • The better your hair looks, the less likely you are to have a bad day. Use a hair mask at least once a week. This keeps your hair moist and wears less.

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