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5 Fashion Advice You Should Definitely Know

by Alina

1. Upgrade A Leisure Outfit With A Scarf


Another great accessory tip is to upgrade casual outfits with a scarf. By simply putting on a scarf before you walk out to the door, you can put each relaxed outfit together and polish it. Celebrities and off-duty models are constantly using the instant-style upgrade. So the next time you rock jeans and a T-shirt, try to follow her example and enhance your ensemble with a scarf.

2. Create a DIY Styling Kit


Even perfectly planned outfits can fall apart if something goes wrong. For these times, a styling kit can be a lifesaver. If you’re not a professional stylist, put together a set by getting the most important items for the job. A stain spray or pin, a lint roller, a pill remover, a needle and part of the thread as well as safety pins are indispensable emergency items. Other necessary items include double-sided tape for attaching loose hems and gaping tops, a bra clip to hide visible straps, and a make-up sponge to remove deodorant stains.

3. Always Have A White Shirt Ready


A white, waisted shirt is an extremely versatile garment and an invaluable item to hand. Whether black flapping trousers, denim shorts in used look or a metallic pleated midi skirt – a white button completes your outfit with style. Remember to take care of it and replace it if necessary. While a white shirt looks chic and sophisticated, a cream-colored shirt can look old and sloppy.

4. Choose Outfits For Busy Mornings


Every woman knows the pain of being busy in the morning and trying to find something to put on. Instead of being late every day or always wearing the same thing, you should put together some ready-to-wear outfits beforehand. If you have a stylish, pre-selected look in your wardrobe, the morning runs smoothly no matter how long you sleep. Prepare some on weekends and hang the parts in your wardrobe so they’re done. Creating different options for formal, business, and occasional occasions is also a useful idea.

5. Learn How To Layer


The layering can include an outfit from simple to perfect, and although it is difficult to master, it is worth learning. Get inspired by your favorite street style stars and imitate their look with your own wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of experimentation either. Wear a white T-shirt with a round neck under a satin underdress, a trench coat with a miniskirt over it or fishnet stockings under a pair of trousers. The results can be incredibly playful and stylish.

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