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5 tips for your skin as you move into autumn

by Alina

Your skin needs change throughout the year. Therefore, it is recommended to do different skin care in each season. As the temperature drops, we’ve listed the 5 changes you need to make in your care routine to keep your skin radiant and clean.

Summer may have been as wonderful as ever, but at the end of the season your hair may not feel that way. Drying, breaking and wear; it is the effects of hot air on your hair that leaves the hair degenerated. Your hair, like your body, has the power to repair itself, but there’s nothing wrong with giving it a little support to regain its vitality.

Problem: Weather conditions

Like your skin, exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays damages the protective cuticles surrounding the hair. This causes drying, fractures and fading hair color.

Solution: Change your hair care method


You need to change your shampoo and cream. In winter, you’ll need cream to moisturize the hair more. If you want more prominent curls in your wavy hair and you are uncomfortable with electrocution, try pantene prominent curls hair foam. Pantene Distinctive Curls also help your hair regain the protein building blocks it has lost thanks to its unique formula.

Problem: Salt and chlorine

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A summer vacation in and out of the pool means that your hair is constantly washed with chlorine. The hair worn by the chlorine will manifest itself in autumn. Chlorine, which is used to disinfect water, removes the oils from the scalp from the hair and causes the hair color to deteriorate. In addition, the high salt content in the sea causes the moisture in the hair to go away, which has a negative effect on hair color.

Solution: Get oil from the outside

Your hair needs fat to look healthy. You can use coconut oil or Argan oil as a mask. Pantene Argan Oily Elixir valuable argan oil; Keratin Restorative Vitamin E Oil combines vitamin E with pro-V formula. Apply your hair by massaging.

Problem: Heat shaping

Using heat-shaping devices such as hair dryer or tongs, damages the hair follicles and causes breakage, fading hair color and even thinning of the hair.

Solution: Heat-protective spray

Do not touch the heat-shaping tools to your hair without heat protection spray. Try pantene heat protector spray. Always do the first drying intervention after the shower with a towel. If possible, make sure your hair dries with air. Do not comb your hair while wet.

Problem: Washing hair too much

The heat of summer and the excess humidity cause us to shower more. This leads to the removal of natural sebum in the hair and irritation of the skin, which remains lean.

Solution: Less wash

In autumn, you can wash your hair less and improve your scalp. As time passes, you will see less lubrication of your hair between the washings. If you want to wash it every day, it’s a good idea to choose a delicate and moisturizing shampoo.

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