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7 suggestions for time-defying hair

by Alina

Your skin is not the only one who needs to protect against the effects of time. Your hair also shows signs of aging at times.

Dry, broken and damaged hair is unprotected against the effects of aging. If you are over 30 years of age, the quality, structure and condition of your hair have started to change and the hair has begun to thin. By using a good moisturizer and drinking plenty of water, you can protect your hair.

1. Eat healthy



Sweet potatoes and carrots are rich in beta carotene and strengthen the scalp, allowing the formation of sebum, which prevents hair from drying out. With b vitamins found in eggs, chicken, avocados and meat, hair is essential for strengthening.

2. Your hairstyle is important


You should get your hair cut regularly. Talk to your hair professional about how you can make your hair look full errands by folding it. If you’re thinking of painting, choosing one or two shades of darker tone stowfrom your skin tone makes you look younger.

3. Talk to your doctor


Hair loss may be caused by a disease other than aging or vitamin deficiency. 100 strands of hair loss per day is normal. But if you have excessive spillage, talk to your doctor and find the cause.

4. Examine the products carefully



Use products to keep your hair thinned. You can avoid spills by using natural shampoos. It is also supportive to prevent loss if you do not shape your hair with heat and do not scan it hard.

5. Protect from the sun


Hair dries and wears out when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Always use a hat to protect your hair from the negative effects of UV rays.

6. Take a break from volume transmitters


We know that embossing and giving volume makes you feel good, but it is better to use a shampoo like natural shampoo with olive oil that gives volume to hair instead of hair spray.

7. Avoid hot styling

The heat damages your hair. Leave your hair to dry as much as possible. That way, you get the moisture it needs back.

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