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9 tips for smooth skin

by Alina

We have prepared beauty suggestions for you to make your skin perfect with the least amount of effort.

You drink plenty of water and you never go out without sunscreen. But what else do you have to do for better skin? Check out the product recommendations and tips you can make for your skin every day.

1. Always use tonic

Always use a tonic after washing your face and before applying moisturizer. The tonic cleans the last of the makeup and tightens the pores. It also regulates the pH balance of the skin. Your skin is naturally acidic. It is alkaline in soap or facial cleansers and should restore skin balance over time. That’s exactly what the tonic does. It allows the skin to find its balance more quickly.

2. Make time for yourself in the morning

We all do our facial cleansing routine before we go to bed, but it’s harder to do it in the morning. Preparing your skin for the day allows it to fight external factors better. You can moisturize your skin in the morning before applying makeup.

3. Watch out for the water you use

You know you have to drink plenty of water, but some water is superior to others. It might be better for you to wash your face with filtered water. The purer the water, the cleaner the skin. Heavy metals and chlorine in water can dry the skin. Therefore, filtered water makes the skin softer.

4. Double cleaning

Cleaning up makeup, sunscreen and other skin adhesives keeps you away from pimples and black spot. Clean with water first. Then you can do the second cleaning with your makeup remover. It’s a good idea to use peels once a week to get rid of dead cells.

5. Massage with dry brush

We massage with a brush to cope with cellulocytes. So why don’t we do it on our faces? Brushing removes dead cells from the skin and triggers blood circulation, allowing you to have softer, fuller skin. Brushing the skin is quite common in Asia. Make sure the brush you use for the skin is soft. You can apply it in circular motions.

6. Leave your skin alone

People with flawless skin know that the best thing they can do against blackheads and signs of aging is to leave them alone. This means not squeezing pimples or blackheads, brushing hard or exfoliating. Squeezing blackheads or pimples causes redness and bacteria to spread. That’s unnecessary trauma to the skin. Keep in mind that your skin is more sensitive than you think.

7. Stay Calm

Just as stress is a negative factor for your body, it is also for your skin. Stress and anxiety cause the secretion of the hormone cortisol, causing the collagen tissue to decrease rapidly and the skin to lose its elasticity. Reduced collagen triggers diseases such as eczema and acne. Try to keep the stress out of your life with yoga and meditation.

8. Always use serum

What were we doing against aging before the serums came out? Using anti-aging serum restores flexibility to the skin. very small particles in their contents revitalize the skin by processing it deep into the skin. Support the skin to regenerate itself with the serum you will apply before moisturizing.

9. Pay attention to the ingredients of the products

The price of the label on the products is of no importance. The best skin products are targeted and simple. Learn about your skin needs and buy products for your problems. If you have acne problems, choose products containing salicylic acid and vitamin C products if you want smoother skin. Make sure that anti-aging products also contain hyaluronic acid.

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