I promised a full review on this foundation after which directly forgot about it. Now not because i haven’t used it once more – in truth, quite the opposite. It has come to be one of these bases that i sense i can rely on for a very good, believable finish that has a pleasant glow and a relaxed feel. The Bobbi brown extensive pores and skin serum basis is one for the makeup traditionalists, certainly; there’s none of this “lighter than air” issue happening, there’s no demi-velvet-glow-from-within-diffuse-from-without sales-speak malarkey occurring, it’s only a genuinely lovable, slightly-dewy face base.

Bobbi brown would disagree with this, i’m sure, because truly there’s a honest whack of sales-speak that is going with this foundation; there are skin care advantages (added antioxidants and certain alga-es which might be stated to assist lessen pores and skin infection, to call only a couple) and there’s a whacking wonderful spf40 constructed in to the components. Absolutely very awesome, but i’m the type of individual who loves to maintain my skin care and makeup blessings more or much less separated and so brought skincare perks in foundations have a tendency to skip me by way of!

If, but, you like to realize that your foundation has all of it going on, then this is an tremendous vicinity to begin – i’m not quite sure how it might work as a serum while you’re applying it final in your skin/make-up routine, however the hulking spf40 is genuinely an advantage, so long as you’re applying enough product. Both way, this is a easy, silky, moisturising basis that has a mild, sparkling experience.

Right here i’m sans Bobbi brown extensive skin serum basis. Bits of redness right here and there, very moderate darkish circles – nothing too hideous, however sufficient to test a mild/medium coverage basis on. That’s in which i’d region the pores and skin serum basis – it’s sincerely no longer a heavy insurance, but it’s effortlessly buildable and so you can take it from sheer (specifically if you follow with a dampened blending sponge, which i did first of all) to an excellent medium.

Ta-dah! Right here i’m after one brief application. I use colour three.25 “cool beige” which (satirically) warms my skin up a touch and gives it the faintest contact of that exquisite, healthful-looking apricot tone. If you’re partial to illuminating primers then i will thoroughly say that you do no longer need one underneath this foundation, it has its personal very complete glow. If whatever, i is probably tempted to apply a pore-filling primer underneath it, due to the fact a chunk of glow does have a tendency to intensify open pores, and in case you’re now not keen on dewiness within the t-region you then might likely need to whisk over it with a few very satisfactory face powder. (i’m questioning that hourglass ambient light can be a good one.)


I have one gripe with this foundation, and that’s the packaging.

It’s borderline ridiculous, that is one of these shame: a glass bottle (adorable, very chic) but then this weird dropper inside that truly doesn’t paintings.

It deposits product all over the neck of the bottle and it’s hard to get it to drop the right amount onto the again of your hand. (and you need to use the returned of your hand – i don’t recognize how else you’d almost follow it.) this would be so, a lot higher in a touch squeezy component or a pump-action bottle – i hope that they exchange it, because with the packaging trouble taken care of this basis might be perfection.

And, you understand, i’ve nonetheless been using it masses, so the product internal is actually first-rate enough to conquer my gripes!

When you have normal-to-dryish skin and you need a buildable, blendable basis with a suitable sheen, that is available in hundreds of different shades, provide this one a attempt.