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Daily creams for all ages

by Alina

Regardless of your skin type (oily, mixed or dry), you can find creams with a wide range of formulas to suit different budgets, personal needs and age groups. Ceramide, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes… If you are not an expert in chemistry, would you like to know how to know what you need?

30 Years


The skin loses its luster and the first fine lines begin to appear; goose feet around the eyes, lines between eyebrows… They may seem very small, but they’re still there. Veins begin to appear around the nose. In fact, if you’re pregnant, you’ll probably have brown spots around the forehead, chin and mouth.


Deeply moisturize your skin with creams containing ceramide, natural lipids or natural oils (such as argan trees or night time).
Protect your skin against stress and external factors (such as pollution and cigarette smoke) using vitamin C-based creams with anti-inflammatory properties.
Brown spots (caused by pregnancy and sun exposure, among other factors) using high UV protection factor creams and hydroquinone-containing creams, a molecule that helps prevent vitamin A or pigmentation prevent it from coming out.

40- 50 Years


You can look tired even after a good night’s sleep. Your skin starts to dry, wrinkles deepen, skin color becomes dull, your cheeks don’t look as tense as before and your facial features start to loosen… It’s time to act!


Target wrinkles and start working to fix them. Choose vitamins C and E and anti-aging moisturizing creams containing retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) or coenzyme Q10, which is currently very popular. For those who prefer natural routes, products rich in polyphenols (e.g. green tea or grape seed extract) are suitable.
Stretching and supporting products containing hyaluronic acid and collagen.

50- 60 Years


When you experience menopause, the skin thins and looks rougher, cheeks and chin start to sag, wrinkles become more pronounced than ever, and age-related spots appear on the nose and forehead. Don’t panic!


Choose two-in-one formulas and condensed creams.
Fill and plump wrinkles using hyaluronic acid and a matrix-based cream
Nourish and soften skin using peptide cream
Reduce pigmentation marks using alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid)
Complete this process with a cream that makes the skin look softer and younger, as well as contain ingredients that reflect brightness.

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