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Fashion Suggestions Every Woman Knows

by Alina

Being able to dress smartly and stylishly every day is a skill that can be difficult to master. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the 15 best style tips every woman should know. While they may seem small and simple, these handy tips revolutionize the way you dress every day. Whether you’re going to work, have a drink or Sunday brunch, with these advices you’ll look fashionable and fabulous every time you leave the house.

1. Organize And Edit Your Wardrobe


If you want to dress in style, it is essential to organize and edit your wardrobe. How can you create a great outfit if you don’t even see what you own? Start by tidying up your wardrobe and donating or selling something you don’t wear or love. Then neatly organize the remaining items into categories. Hang up what you want to hang up and fold the rest. Also invest in a shoe rack so you can easily visualize complete outfits. After that, your wardrobe feels much more inspiring and you won’t experience moments when you don’t have to put anything on.

2. Find A Good Tailor


The work of a good tailor can even make a bargain wardrobe designer look. Even if you initially don’t want to spend the extra money to change items, you’ll quickly find that the extra wear and tear you get out of it far outweighs the cost. Whether it’s a lined jeans or a dressed dress, nothing is better than a garment that suits you. Another good tip is that you can get your tailor to turn cheap buttons into smarter styles. This makes all your jackets and coats look infinitely more luxurious.

3. Balance Up And Down


While these catwalk models make it seem easy to take off a completely loose or tight outfit, this is not the case. For most of us, the right balance is important to achieve a successful look. For this reason, it is important to plan outfits in such a way that the top and bottom complement each other. If you are wearing a wide shirt, you should combine it with tight trousers. If you are wearing long-leg trousers or a full skirt, consider combining it with a fitted or cropped top.

4. Invest in Styles That Are Suitable For Your Shape


An endless range of outfits that suit you well requires strategic shopping. In particular, it is important to invest in designs that are suitable for your body shape. If you’re not sure which clothes are best for you, check out the most flattering items you already own. If these tube high pants and the Empire waist dress work for you, you should look for other pieces with the same silhouette. Then have fun experimenting with different fabrics, colors and embellishments, while you can be sure that you already look fantastic.

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