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Golden rules for healthy hair and scalp

by Alina

You don’t have to worry about every hour of the day for good looking hair and a healthy scalp. By listening to the advice of shampoo experts, you have to make your hair healthy and your hair beautiful.

1. Be perfect: Shampoo and rinse


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Peter Lux recommends washing your hair every morning, no matter how tired you feel: “You may not be perfect enough to wash your hair. Shampooing and rinsing are very important. When washing your hair, you should also take into account your hair skin, and you should also condition your hair while rinsing in the same way. Excessively fast, random washing can make your hair look dull and greasy.”

2. Do not take risks when choosing a product


Dr. Ilyse Lefkowicz says that “head &shoulders have 50 years of experience. He also knows what needs to be done for excellent scalp care with scientific research and innovation. I think the best everyday shampoo for the scalp is shampoo.”

3. On the way to the hairdresser


Removing the ends of your hair regularly makes them look well-groomed, smooth and healthy. These three features are indispensable elements of beauty. However, the softness of your hair is also important. It’s like they’re dancing even when they’re brushing healthy hair. The more mobile your hair is, the more stress-free your scalp is.

4. Maintenance by air


Consider the weather when grooming your hair. A sunny day? Turn your hair over to the light of day. Windy? Try to collect as much as possible. On rainy days, try not to get too wet.

5. Don’t be afraid to wash your hair

“Don’t be afraid to wash as long as you’re sensitive to your hair and use the right product,” says Dr. Rene Rust. According to him, washing the hair regularly with the right shampoo eliminates the stress and bad substances accumulated in the hair. Therefore, frequent washing is also good for the scalp.

6. Shampoo and styler harmony

It is now possible to find something among Head & Shoulders products that match your own hairstyle. Products that take care of the scalp as well as the hair need to be compatible with each other. Dr. Rene Rust explains: “By using a shampoo and styling that works in harmony with each other, you will be tightly protecting your hair.”

7. Wash your hair after sports

Sweating can wear out your hair and hair bottoms. So don’t forget to wash your hair after exercising.

8. Wash your hair professionally

Peter Lux says, “When you wash your hair, foam the shampoo by making round gestures with your fingertips.” However, you should definitely avoid scratching your hair with your fingernails. You can also make your hair silky soft with Head & Shoulders.

9. Choose a shampoo that suits your mood

Why don’t you enrich your bathroom with shampoos with different fragrances that you can use to suit your mood? As long as it suits your hair type, there is no harm in changing the smell of the product you are using. For example, you can start the day when you want to get off to a fresh start by using Head & Shoulders Menthol Refresher. Another day you can give your hair a cool look with Extra Fullness, and for special occasions you can get a romantic look with Hydrating Silky Softness.

10. Reduce curls

Peter Lux says, “If your hair is curled easily, you should take advantage of a styling tool that won’t tire your hair. If your hair is at least shoulder level, collect the ends in the palm of your hand and dry the hairdryer by moving it around from a distance. Pulling your hair down and drying it will tire your hair. You will also be surprised to see that your curly curls look better to the eye.”

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