After much study and dedication, finally comes the great moment: to receive the straw in front of parents, family and friends in an unforgettable night. And, at these times, many women have doubts about their hairstyles for graduation.

After all, which student doesn’t dream of being exuberant on that date, does he? The good news is that there are countless inspirations for hair of all kinds: straight, curly, frizzy, short and long.

Some important tips before choosing the hairstyle for graduation are: consider the clothes (mainly the neckline) that you will wear, evaluate how it will be the event (very formal or more informal) and also your style. Now how about checking out the graduation hairstyles inspirations we’ve separated? Continue reading!

1 – Formature Hairstyles Side Braid

When we talk about graduation hairstyles, the braids are always the most remembered.

After all, besides being beautiful, they are very versatile and allow you to create super different hairstyles.

In this case, the side braid is a little looser, forming a kind of tiara and giving a very romantic look to the threads. It can be done on straight or curly hair.

2 – Double braided coke

Coke is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style.

It combines very well with the more formal events and can be worn during the day or at night.

To “enhance” the traditional coke, add some braids, like this beautiful hairstyle from the picture.

3 – Tall coke with braids

In addition to the shorter coke, this one on top of the head is also very successful.

The good thing about this hairstyle is that you will be free to dance and enjoy the night.

The differential is the braid on the back that creates a very nice effect.

4 – Twists with loose hair

If you love the loose hairstyles, with that amazing effect in the “Rapunzel” style, see this idea.

Just separate two thicker strands and make some “twists”, creating a stylized crown.

Leave the rest of the strands loose and finish as you wish, with babyliss or a board, depending on the curvature of your hair.

5 – Maria Chiquinha with braids

For women with lots of hair and a more creative style, this is a great idea.

It’s just a matter of separating the hair in half, as if you were going to make the traditional fancy maria.

Next, do two built-in braids from the front of the hair and then attach the rest leaving a little loose hair.

6 – Ponytail loose

The ponytail is a super traditional and very versatile hairstyle, able to work both in everyday life and in more special situations.

In this idea, the traditional ponytail appears a little more stylized and loose, creating a very romantic look.
This inspiration works for both straight and wavy and slightly curly hair.

7 – Formature Hairstyles Braid Crown

If you like the subtler graduation hairstyles, you’ll love that idea.

Just make a braid (as thick as you like) and assemble a kind of crown with it.

The rest of the hair is loose and can be styled as you like, leaving it very smooth or with some curls.


8 – Semi-trapped curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair are very versatile and mainly work by emphasizing volume.

In this idea, the traditional semi stuck is reinvented.

With the volume on the top of the head, we have the idea of a Mohican, however, a little differentiated.

9 – Thick Braid Formature Hairstyles

The braids are definitely the favorite when it comes to graduation hairstyles.

The more traditional models, with unique braids, can also be reinvented, with very beautiful creations.

For example, the one of the image that has become a charm!

10 – Differentiated braid

The loosest braids can be made anywhere on the head and promote amazing effects.

In this idea, the shape of the braid is very different, creating a very beautiful weave on top of the head.

The result is a unique, romantic, delicate but very creative hairstyle.

11 – Side twists

In wavy, curly and frizzy hair, the twists are very successful.

The big advantage is that they are very practical, which makes graduation hairstyles easier to do.

In this inspiration, the torcidinhos appear only on the side of the head and the rest of the hair is loose and with a lot of definition.

12 – Built-in braid on short hair

Who said that women with short hair can’t surrender to the incredible effects of braiding either?

In this idea, a built-in side braid is used, right on top of the head.

The rest of the hair is loose and full of volume.