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Guide To Choosing The Right Color in Contia Eyebrows

by Alina

“When you look in the mirror, if your scattered and out-of-form eyebrows don’t make you happy, it’s not impossible to get the result you want. Thanks to the eyebrow contouring process, you can have eyebrows compatible with your face, but when the colors are not chosen correctly, an unnatural and artificial appearance can occur. Erg├ál Keskin’s makeup instructor provides important advice on choosing the right color for people who will have an eyebrow outline.

The Period Of Eyebrow Contour in Beauty

Effective looks and strong expression are among the most important parameters of beauty. They are correctly positioned eyebrows that are compatible with the color of the skin that characterizes the appearance and expression. However, some people’s eyebrows may be innately scattered, shed due to various reasons or may be affected due to improper procedures. At this point, the most effective way is eyebrow contours, even if temporary solutions are applied such as frowning with cosmetic products. Contact with the eyebrows, which is one of the methods frequently used, is increasingly important. Because people want to get the same result because they see eyebrow designs coming out of professional hands and the almost perfect effect they have on the person. Here, there are 4 important steps that the person who will make eyebrow outline should take care of. These include:

  • Eyebrow contour center to be built,
  • The person who will apply the contact with the eyebrows,
  • Correct eyebrow design,
  • The color of your right eyebrow.
  • Center Right, Impeccable Results

People who decide to have contour eyebrows must do a good search. Because there are places that open step by step and put on makeup outline, but it raises doubts how much of them are really professional centers. At this point, the person must always look at the cleanliness, hygiene, equipment used and the brands with which the person works before the procedure. Since the center complies with international health standards, the ends of the devices used are disposable and the paints used are natural pigments that prevent negative results.

Professional People, Perfect Eyebrows

In addition to meeting the health standards of the center by making eyebrow outline, it is also very important that the person who will apply is professional. Since the contour of the eyebrows is a long-lasting procedure and is applied to a sensitive area, you can get the best result only with competent people. At this point, the person you are going to have contouring eyebrow on the subject should be trained on the subject and the quality of the work they have done before should be effective in the decision they will make.

Mathematical Touch To Beauty


Another important issue after selecting the center and expert to make eyebrow contour is to find the eyebrow shape that best suits your face. At this point, a certain mathematics is involved. Because the eyebrows are located in the middle of the face and play a decisive role in the appearance of the golden ratio, which is the mathematical representative of beauty. At this point, the eyebrows that are in full harmony with the face, chin, eyes and nose are measured by parametric values and the most appropriate shape of the eyebrow is determined to the face. When determining the shape of the eyebrow, expectations are also an important factor.

True Eyebrow Colour, Natural Effect


Many people think that when you get eyebrow contours, they can’t get natural results because of very dark eyebrows and they will seem overly exaggerated. The reason why people think in this way is because of the wrong choice of color. Choosing the right color is very important to get natural results. Skin tone, skin, hair and eye color are the most important factors in color selection. For a selection of colors that is perfectly compatible with skin tone, the contour specialist and the person must decide together. Because the process of eyebrow contouring is permanent for about 2 years, so the role of color selection is great to avoid artificial results.

Colours Must Be The Same As Natural Eyebrows


It is difficult to choose between colors, but it is the tone closest to the natural eyebrows of the person who will get the right result. If you are brown, the color of your eyebrow should match your hair. Otherwise, this incompatibility can make your face pale and lifeless, making you look older. Especially the eyebrow color, which is kept lighter than the hair tone, produces a tired appearance.
If you have an open skin, you should not get as far away from the naturalness as possible when applying the outline makeup. Because the extremely dark colors that do not match the skin color will create a look that is both artificial and unsightly. At this point, natural brown tones should be chosen to provide visual integrity with the skin open when making the contour of the eyebrows. If the hair is very light, the eyebrows may be one or two darker.

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