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Is it possible to get rid of wrinkles?

by Alina

Wrinkles don’t just occur out of nowhere. From our infancy, we create them by smiling, pouting, talking and expressing ourselves with our gestures.

Why is our skin wrinkled?

Because the young skin is soft and moist, it easily returns to its former shape. But as you get older, the skin gets drier and losing its elasticity. Which makes it difficult for him to return to the pre-wrinkle situation. And gradually our facial expression becomes permanent lines.

This process comes together for many reasons. From the age of 30, sometimes even earlier, imbalances in hormone levels cause the skin to lose strength and slow down the cell regeneration process. On the other hand, it is possible to talk about the existence of various external effects. For example, UV rays, environmental pollution, smoking and unbalanced diet directly affect the skin. Some of these factors are almost impossible to get rid of, and the negative effect of the rest can be eliminated by a well-programmed skin care.

Another important factor is the fear of aging. This fear directly affects one’s self-view and brings with it the fear of getting old and staying out of life. This means avoidance of daily exercise and even chronic diseases. That’s why we must never stop doing our best to look young. Because a young-looking skin supports us for a much longer time.


How many kinds of wrinkles are there?

Basically, there are two types of confusion: the first is superficial wrinkles, which we can call good lines; The second is deep wrinkles.
Superficial wrinkles, as the name implies, occur on the surface of the skin or on the epidermal layer. When you relax, you no longer see it, they can be easily eliminated, and they cannot be seen remotely. It is possible to get rid of them with a little care.

Deep wrinkles are wrinkles between 0.1 mm and 0.4 mm, starting from the bottom of the skin and expanding towards the surface. They even appear when you relax and moisturize your skin.


What to do?

Dry and damaged skin is also more susceptible to wrinkles than healthy and moist skin. If your skin is dry, you should protect it from everyday negativity. The first thing you need to do is to moisturize your skin carefully. A 26-year-old dry-skinned woman looks 52 per cent older than a 36-year-old woman who regularly moisturizes her skin.
When your skin is damaged, for example, when you stay in the sun too long, its structure weakens. If you want to protect your skin, you should keep yourself away from UV rays and cigarette smoke. Remember, your skin is too sensitive to be exposed to such harsh effects.


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