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Lip Contour Guide For Skin Color

by Alina

Perfectly colored lips are the most important complement to makeup. However, finding the right color and getting the ideal image for your face is not always as easy as it looks. Choosing the right lip color, lip texture, lower skin tone and skin color depends on the makeup trainer outline Ergul Keskin, lip contincy to choose based on the skin color said the shades.

What Is The Lip Contour?


Lip contour, which is a method of contour makeup techniques, is the name given to the coloring of the lip by means of contour makeup devices and organic dyes. The lip contour, which creates a much fuller appearance giving shape to the lip line, is a cosmetic application in which the permanent organic dyes are processed 0.3-0.5 mm below the skin with the help of sterile needles fully customized. The lip contouring process provides the vitality lips need. There are a few points to consider when you have this application that provides fullness without surgery.
Natural pigments are used in the coloring of the lips as a center. The natural ingredients minimize the risk of allergies and the sterile needles we use individually offer a safe way to beautify. In addition, a professional perspective is very important for successful results. Especially when you color intra-lip, determining the color in accordance with your skin tone is done under the guidance of our team of experts. The lip color, which adapts to the lower skin tone, offers a much more natural appearance.

What Shades Should Light-Skinned Women Choose?


White leather like velvet is the dream of most women. It is considered an important element of beauty especially in the Far East. If the leather you have is white, you are lucky. If your skin tone is close to white, the range of colors you should choose should be tones that add energy and vitality to your face. At this point, pink, coral, purple tones and warm shades of red will be a good choice for your white skin to reflect your energy and give you a bright look. The most important factor to consider at this stage is to achieve a vivid appearance while maintaining naturalness. Because the lip contour, which provides lasting persistence, colours the inner lip without the need for lipstick, ambitious choices can create an artificial image.

What Shades Should Brown-Skinned Women Choose?


Brown women who are lucky enough to have different colours can choose bright or opaque shades according to their personal preferences. The colours, ideal for women with brown or grain leather, come from the nature’s colour scheme. More earth tones, vibrant reds, tile colours and nude tones will always provide a surprising look. The most important colours to avoid are light colours. In general, the use of light colors in lip coloring for skin close to the color of the ground can make the person more lifeless and tired than he is.

What Shades Should Dark Skinned Women Choose?


You can get a natural and perfect vision when brown skin, which prints songs in its name, meets the right colors. At this point, feel free to use bright colors that are compatible with brown skin and will accentuate this skin color. You can easily choose red, wine, burgundy and shades and always get a feminine look. If a more daily image is targeted, the calmer shades of red are for you at this point.

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