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Makeup Tips For Your Mood!

by Alina

“Emotional, calm, ambitious as well as different moods, reflected in the makeup you do. But what kind of makeup should you wear to your mood? Here are the tips!

If You Have An Innocent And Calm Mood


You can do a more natural and sfery refacto. To do this, you should use light colors in your choice of lipstick, lighthouse, bonsand and foundation. You can choose a lightweight foundation of one or two shades of skin color. You can do eye makeup with light brown or orange tones. After taking a thin eyeliner, you can plump your lashes with mascara. You can also accentuate your cheekbones with a hood in peach or light pink shades suitable for your headlight.

If You Have A Romantic And Emotional Mood


You menstruated that day, and with that, you entered in an emotional way. You don’t really want to wear makeup, but you need to get rid of this pale look… You can get help from powderpink tones to do a restyling without much exaggeration. First, you should prepare the skin for makeup with an illuminating base, then apply a base reflecting the light on the skin. After applying a gray eyeliner to the bottom of your lower lashes, you can accentuate your cheekbones with pink curly brackets. The application of a single layer of mascara will be sufficient. You can also choose a pink lipstick, a fuchsia tone on your lips. And here’s your makeup! So, are you ready for this exciting day?

If You’re Starting An Ambitious And Ambitious Day


You have a lot of important meetings, so you woke up on an ambitious and ambitious day. If you want this mood to manifest itself in your makeup, feel free to do the most obvious eye makeup and wear red lipstick! For this makeup style, first apply a skin foundation that provides a slight concealment. Take your eyes off using a champagne-colored beacon on your eyelids. Frame your eyes with black eyeliner to highlight your eyes. Don’t forget to disperse your eyeliner with a small angled brush to create a slightly steaming image. Add volume to your lashes by applying two or three layers of black mascara. Finally, don’t forget to apply red lipstick.

If You Want To Look Good


If you want to look good that day, your preference should definitely be for steaming eye makeup. You need two things for this: black eyeliner and mascara. First of all, you can start by pulling the eyeliner into your eye often. The most important thing in steamed eye make-up is the process of distributing the eyeliner. After making the transitions from dark to light, you should apply the black eyeliner under your eyes. In order to make the eye more impressive, you should not forget to put a black pencil in your eyes. Two or three layers of mascara should be applied to the lower and upper lashes.

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