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Natural Step-By-Step Makeup

by Alina

“Although the natural makeup trend has been in our lives for quite some time, especially lately you will have noticed that makeup is very popular in natural tones. In fact it is very simple to do a simple restyling. You will show effortless beauty on your way of working and school by learning some makeup techniques to look beautiful without much effort in everyday life. You can include a simple and natural makeover in your daily life by following the steps below.

How To Apply Facial Makeup?


You should have a morning and evening skin care routine before you put on your face makeup. This makes you have a cleaner and smoother skin. First, when you wake up in the morning, wash your face with foam or facial cleansing gel and dry your face with a clean towel. Then apply the moisturizer to your face and start your makeup. You can use base or primer if you want the makeup to stay for a long time. Once you have prepared the skin, you can apply the bb/cc cream or foundation on your face with the help of sponge or brush to suit your skin type. The most important thing to pay attention to when doing natural makeup is that your skin’s makeup should be toned close to its natural color.
You can cover your detention by using a concealer according to your preferences. Powdered powder is a must in a makeup routine. With a dust brush or sponge, you can apply the powder over the entire face, especially the T area and the detention area.

How Do I Do My Makeup On My Cheeks?


You can use first bone to make the cheeks more beautiful. You should also remember to apply blush according to the shape of your face. You can put bonsps on the light forehead area and on the tip of the nose. Taking bonts that match your skin color will help make your makeup look flawless.
You can also get a natural look on your cheeks by using a bronzer. You have to climb the Bronzer cheeks. If you use a round brush and large bronzer, you will get a more natural look.
If you are going to apply a highlighter to your face, you need to know the three main areas of your face to which you need to apply a highlighter. These three regions are; cheekbones – the Templar region is below the end point of the eyebrows and the exact edge of the lips.

You can apply higlighter on top of your forehead. You should note here that you should not apply it to the whole nose. Otherwise, the nose may look very bright and oily.
If you’re applying Higlighter to your cheeks. At the top of the cheekbone, you need to apply it by mixing it in the area towards the temptation.
Your eyes are the place where you can use higlighter in any other way. You can apply higlighter especially to the bone eyebrow under the eyebrow. This makes the eyebrows lift up and become fuller.

Eye Makeup


For light eye makeup, you first need the right beacon palette. With a palette of slightly sparkling headlights and eyeliner, it will be enough for eye makeup. Of course, you should not forget the mascara!

Be careful to choose the colors you’ll use in your eye makeup to match the tones of the dress you’re wearing. If you use a base or concealer before starting your makeup, you can keep the headlight in your eyes for the rest of the day without breaking. Before applying the beacon, apply a clear tonic beacon to the eyelid before applying it, then apply the desired color. Then apply eyeliner. You can choose to use pencils, gels or liquid eyeliners. Start with the outer corner of your eye and move your Eyeliner inwards. Make sure that your line comes close to the lash line. Eyebrows are the most important part of eye make-up. You can use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow light to match the color of your eyebrows to make your eyebrows fuller. Rub the eyebrow shadow or pencil for a slightly natural look, and finally it’s time for the lashes to complete the eye makeup. Apply a layer of mascara after curling the lashes from the corner to the ends.

Lip Makeup


Prepare your lips with lip balm before applying lipstick. Then choose natural-colored lipstick to suit your outfit and makeup and complete the makeup. Our preference is to complete your make-up and get a simple look by drawing a frame on your lips with a natural colored pencil and wearing a beige lipstick that fits your skin color.



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