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Permanent Solution To Make-Up Errors: Contour Makeup

by Alina

What makes a perfect make-up? A perfectly designed eyeliner line, long and full lashes, intense eyebrows that change all your expression? However, the adventure of makeup doesn’t always go as planned and mistakes are made that will cast a shadow over the impeccable makeup.

While make-up often makes a person look better than he or she is, makeup errors make a person more frequent. At this point, the outline makeup application brings effective solutions for common makeup errors, said Contour Makeup Instructor Ergul Keskin, gives important tips on the subject.

Do You Make These Mistakes?


Makeup is the most important part of your beauty routine. In addition, thanks to the new generation of communication channels, we are aware of many makeup trends and learn the right makeup techniques. However, we often make some makeup mistakes and cause unwanted appearances to appear. At this point, come into play the applications of makeup outline made by professional people who provide long-term permanence. Contour makeup, which is applied by expert makeup artists and made from natural dyes or auxiliary materials, ensures that you are always well cared for and prevents makeup errors.

The Image Of Eyelashes Lumping Comes Out Of Your Life


The results of improper mascara often fade into frustration. Especially the appearance of lump caused by mascara in the lashes can occur when applied too much or because of the use of degraded mascara. When trying to get full commissionands and vibrant lashes, achieving a lumpy and aggravated result removes beauty from beauty instead of bringing it closer. The task of eliminating rough and bad residues that the mascara leaves on the lashes falls on the application of the silk lashes. Applied on real lashes, silk lashes can be defined as turbot and strengthening. The lashes obtained from pure silk are glued one by one according to the structure of the eyes. Eyelashes, prepared according to your needs and expectations, prevent a short or uncommon appearance. It also provides fullness without the need for mascara.

Eyebrows Painted As Canvas Paints


One of the most common mistakes made when doing makeup is that the eyebrows are incorrectly filled and turned into a frame. Many people prefer to fill their eyebrows with cosmetic products in order to give their scattered eyebrows an intense appearance and to give the eyebrows a shape. At this point, the contour of the eyebrows, which is made by processing color pigments on the bottom layer of the skin in the eyebrow region, is mostly used by people with scattered eyebrows and disfigurement. The profile of the eyebrows made by professionals begins with determining the most suitable shape on the face. After the pre-design, the hair technique, the powder technique and the 3D techniques are applied with these techniques. The duration of the procedure varies between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the density of the eyebrow to be applied. 20 days after the execution of the procedure, the last touches are made and the eyebrow is finalized. Eyebrow contour, which provides persistence for about 1-2 years, prevents incorrect filling of the eyebrow and ensures that cosmetic products do not need to be used.

Wrong Eyeliner Line, Wrong Picture

The perfectly designed eyeliner is both the most difficult phase and the most beautiful reward for the makeup. However, it is not always possible to draw an eyeliner line that suits your eyes and face. For many women, this often turns into a challenge and chases each other for minutes to correct the shot. In particular, the eyeliner line, which is not suitable for the person’s eye structure, can both make the person look older than he is and can show their eyes smaller and lower than them. One of the most common eyeliner mistakes is that small eyes attract very thick eyeliner or the combination of the eyeliner line drawn at the top and bottom lashes is an image that should be avoided completely. The expertly designed Eyeliner outline is a practical option both to always have the perfect eyeliner line and to get the eyeliner line that best fits your face.

There are two different methods. The first method is dipand a natural line is created by applying the eyelashes to the lower-upper bottoms. This drawn line reveals both the color and shape of the eyes in a more powerful way. It also creates an optical illusion for small eyes, making the eye bigger. The Eyeliner contour application takes the application one step further. The line placed on the root line of the eyelashes in the eyelid is highlighted and a character finish is provided. The application is of the person; facial features, eye structure, sharp or soft selection of the image is performed according to the selection.

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