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Practical suggestions for great hair removal

by Alina

Special suggestions for every part of the body… Super smooth skin… See the final point of the art of epilation. Do you get the best performance?

1. When bathed in warm water, everyone’s skin becomes more comfortable and less sensitive.

That’s why Braun has designed the new Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry, which works in your shower or bathroom, providing the gentest hair removal solution ever.

When using other Silk-épil models, you should first take a bath or shower and make sure your skin is completely dry before hair removal.

2. Useful recommendations for underwater hair removal

In the bathroom: Start epilation in warm water for the best results after relaxing for about 5 minutes. Keep your leg and epilator completely underwater. Your feathers get up underwater, making it easier to hold.

In the shower: Your skin should be moist during hair removal. You can apply some shower gel for excellent results.

3. Useful suggestions for dry hair removal


Your skin should be oil-free and completely dry. Silk-épil 7 has developed special wipes to cleanse your skin prior to epilation. They also have a soothing and refreshing effect on your skin, making epilation more pleasant and making your skin feel great.

Move short hairs on your skin in the direction of growing hair on the skin to “remove”. This allows the epilator to hold the hair better.

4. Navigate the epilator upwards, as opposed to the direction of hair growth. If necessary, you can change the direction of hair removal for an even smoother result.


5. Beginners may see that their skin is slightly reddened after the use of epilators.

Therefore, it is best to do hair removal the night before, not during the day of an important night outside. Apply a body cream or lotion after epilation to relax your skin and give you a really smooth and smooth look and feel.

6. Regular use of a massage sponge (e.g. after showering) or exfoliation to the body prevents small hairs from growing inwards.

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