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Quick service to legs

by Alina

You don’t have to spend extra time having smooth, well-groomed legs. You can have beautiful legs with a few treatments on the beach or in front of the TV.

Cleaning first

The first condition of beautiful legs is to remove unwanted hair. To do this, you can try any easy way to suit your budget. Whatever method you prefer, the important thing is that you don’t have the slightest excess in your leg and groin area. Apply a lean body moisturizer and massage to prevent irritation after the procedure.

Cleansing of dead skin

Body cells regenerate every 28 days, and you don’t notice. If you were to examine your sheets with a microscope, you could see how much skin you shed while you slept at night. However, a layer of dead cells may still occur on the skin, causing an unhealthy appearance. Therefore, it is appropriate to apply a special peel (peel) to the body, especially once a week to the legs. Specially produced peeling products for the body of well-known brands in the market is a very practical solution. You can use the wet sand on the beach. At home, you can make your own peelby mixing a few spoonfuls of olive oil, a spoonful of rock salt and 1 lemon juice.

Against cellulite

One in two women complain sit well with cellulite. Experts agree that a five-minute massage every day greatly destroys these fat clusters. While getting rid of the hairs, Braun’s new product Skin Spa can help you with this. In addition, exercises to exercise your leg muscles will have an effect against cellulite formation. When you’re sitting on the beach, go left and right on your butt and repeat it for five minutes every day. If you make the move on the sand, there will also be an exfoliating effect.

Last stop feet

Leg care is not finished without foot care. Rub your heels thoroughly with glycerin and allow them to dry for your prematurely deteriorating pedinic because you are constantly walking barefoot on the beach. This will get rid of your feet with less damage from external influences.

Golden rules for leg beauty

  • Use the ponza stone to remove the wrecks that form in the calves, especially because of the horse back on the leg. Better results are better if you apply it when the skin is wet in the bathroom.
  • The more effective way to cleanse the dead skins is to make a pouch. To do this, do your bath with soap, not shower gel (The skin should not be slippery.) Gently remove the moisture, then press down the sac and rub it. You’ll see dead skin spilling out.
  • Do not raise your bath water temperature above 25 degrees to always have tight legs. This is also a good measure to prevent the formation of varicose veins. In addition, the packing body creams on the market are also very useful for your leg beauty.
  • Apply a slight moisturizer on your legs immediately after the shower when your skin is not yet fully dry.


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