1 – Braids with coke

This is a super cool idea for those who have chanel hair or at shoulder height, the famous long bob.

You can make a taller coke and include a built-in braid, making the look modern and bold.

For the coke part, it is possible to finish the hairstyle with an artificial hair application.

2 – Side braid

Do you prefer hairstyles for short, loose hair?

See this inspiration as simple but super stylish.

Just create a thick braid on the side and leave the strands loose with lots of waves. Perfect for both everyday life and a more special occasion.

3 – Half tail

Are you looking for a hairstyle that is easy to do, but that looks beautiful and sophisticated?

This idea is perfect. Just invest in the traditional half tail, but leave the back more “tall” (shredding the threads from the bottom).

Finish with a nice tiara or other accessory and that’s it!

4 – Half twisted tail

This is a hairstyle idea that works for both long and medium hair (at shoulder height).

It is also very easy to do: just separate the hair in half, take two strands and twist them. Then attach it to a half tail.

The special effect happens when you pass the part of the tail stuck inside the “twist” and have a different kind of knot.

5 – Half tail on top of the head

The half ponytail, besides being very easy to do, has many variations.

This is why it is among the best hairstyles for short hair.

In this idea, just make it higher on the head and finish by passing a lock of hair to cover the elastic.

6 – Daring weaves

The braids are also great hairstyle ideas and work very well with the medium cuts.

All you have to do is make two thick side braids and join them together like a kind of crown.

Leave the braid looser to achieve this romantic effect and finish the hair with baby liss or do the waving with a sheet.

7 – Half built-in tail

This is a very easy to do hairstyle inspiration, but with a beautiful and super elegant result.

Just make a looser half tail and then pass the part underneath the tail inside where it is stuck.

Finish by arranging the threads around so that the knot doesn’t look too apparent and use accessories to make the hairstyle more romantic.

8 – Front embedded braids

Braids usually appear on the side or back of the hair.

But if you love to dare, how about this idea, very young and fun?

Mount two braids on the front of your head, separating the threads in half.