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Spa enjoyment that boosts your mood

by Alina

The smells are very powerful. When you have a hard day, the simplest way to recharge and revitalize your soul is to go to a spa, as aromatic fragrances help you relax.
However, you can fill your home with aromas similar to the perfect spa experience, using a few small secrets that will bring you a few small secrets that will bring you a happy and relaxed feel at home.
Here’s how to relax your body and soul, add a little magic to your day: Smells give you what you need. To come to life, to relax, to be refreshed. So how is it?


  • First, use your favorite natural products, organic fragrances and aromatic candles. Forbid you to have negative thoughts in your head. Use enamel, lavender, bergamot and ylang-ylang to relax. Ginger, cocoa, mint, eucalyptus to revive. Lemon, lemongrass, melon to refresh.
  • Put the candles in the bathroom and burn. Fill the tub with warm water and empty your plant odors into it.
  • Relax in the bathtub for 30 minutes and massage yourself softly. Wash and get rid of dead cells by rubbing yourself with mineral salts.
  • After leaving the bathtub, cream your body in a circular motion. For this, use natural products and fragrances. Squeeze mineral water into your body and relax.
  • Finally, wear something clean, soft, comfortable that smells very nice. Among a wide range of perfumes, choose your favorite fragrance that gives you a warm, happy feeling. Squeeze your perfume. Then go to bed. Take a few deep breaths: Breathe with your nose, breathe through your mouth. Feel the smell of your skin and clothes each time and inhale the smells that make you happy. Let positive thoughts flow from your nose to your toe.

Remember, you can bring positive thoughts to yourself by using a beautiful perfume.

A guide to applying skin care products


It’s easy to buy a lot of beauty products and save them at home without knowing exactly how to use them. I wonder if these products will be used daily, weekly or monthly. Before you go to bed, after you clean your face, or before you put on a moisturizer? Products can be complementary or vice versa. If you master these details, you can get the most out of your skincare. Discover tips on how to apply skin care products! Here’s what you need to know for a shimmering skin:



After washing your face with water, clean your face in a circular motion with your cleaning product. Then apply the tonic. You can use serum or cream after tonic.

Eye Cream


Apply eye cream before applying cream. Under-eye bruises, bags and eye creams designed to prevent dryness are thinner and leaner. So first, apply this cream.

Serum application


Apply the pea-sized moisturizer or anti-aging serum to the whole face except around the eyes. Serums are as thin and oil-free as eye creams. Therefore, it should be applied before moisturizing. Event Regenerist By regenerating your skin cells with Micro-Constructivizing Serum, you can gain a firmer look.

Evening Care


First, clean all the makeup on your skin with facial cleansing water. Then use your facial cleansing product. Remember not to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Then complete your night care as you do during the day. How do you look at your skin? Share your secrets with other women!

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