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Suggestions for Beautiful Legs

by Alina

We have a few suggestions you can recommend to make your legs look good.


Have you spent a lot of time shopping or on a long flight? Thin your swollen ankles again by massaging your legs with ice cubes. Coolness also relaxes the veins in the balls.


Do you have to fly a lot? Here’s a useful suggestion: for at least a glass of water, a fruit or vegetable drink, herbal or fruit tea every 30 minutes to prevent your legs from getting heavy and your ankles swelled. It is also useful: stand up from time to time, move your feet, stand at your fingertips and swing up and down on your seat.


The joy of bathing


Warm water is great. It relaxes the body and soul. The strained muscles soften and your brain relaxes. Put a few drops of your favorite bath smell in warm water for a foot bath, dip your legs up to your calves and enjoy for about 10 minutes. Use ylang-ylang for harmony, lavender to relax and lemon essence to unwind.

Mint against heat


It’s great after hot summer days or a long flight. Massage your legs with refreshing mint lotion. Stay barefoot and raise your legs for 5 minutes.

Feet up!


It looks so easy, but very few of us are resting our feet. Give it a try! Raise your feet for a few minutes. Do not stack your legs and place a pillow under the lower leg. This process relaxes the blood flow to the heart and relaxes you. Your feet will thank you.

Foot rounding


Remember the foot massage speech in Pulp Fiction? You don’t have to cause any trouble – treat yourself relaxing and relaxing. Sit comfortably, easily reaching your feet, put some lotion on them and rub them lovingly from the tip of your toes to your heels. It’s better to hold tight if you’re not ticklish easily.



Have you ever tried meditation? In fact, it’s not difficult at all, and even on the busiest days, it relaxes and relaxes you for a while. Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Feel your breath completely entering your body, flowing through your nose, chest, lungs, stomach and re-coming out. Deep breathing is essential – breathing is the natural consequence of it. Just try not to think about anything, as if you were watching your own thoughts.

Happy green


After walking in high heels, rest your feet a little: walk as barefoot as possible. Make your bare feet feel the deep green grass in the park, soft sand on the beach, or the coolness of a small tea. It is useful for healthy blood circulation and internal balance.

Sleeping Beauty

It has been true in the past, it is still true and it will always be true: the most beautiful beauty treatment is sleep. Try to sleep eight hours a night, even if it’s not easy. If you’re having trouble relaxing, concentrate on lying down and breathing. If your brain is too full, write them down and remove the notebook. Sweet dreams!

Body travel

Have you ever traveled through your body? Give it a try! It is very relaxing and also allows you to love and accept your body. Lie comfortably and try to unwind. Take deep breaths and concentrate on your feet first, feel them and send them your breath and all your energy.
Then feel your thoughts and concentration shifting upwards throughout your body, and think of each part as your own. Finally imagine your breath as a radiant light within your body, so you can both relax and gain energy.

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