30 degrees in the shade and your make-up “melts”? Not with us! We’ll show you simple tricks to keep your make-up hot despite the heat.

While we love to leave the make-up bag in the suitcase during a beach holiday, many do not want to do without foundation, mascara & Co. in their everyday life and in the office. But the fact that our make-up at 30 degrees in the shade really stays where it was originally applied can sometimes be a real challenge.

We’ll tell you the best makeup tips for the summer, with which you can declare battle with running down makeup and panda eyes.

#1: With the right base, your make-up will last

In summer, not only the wardrobe needs an update, but also the care! Just when the temperatures rise, you should do without an oily cream and choose matte variants instead. So you create a “non-slip” surface for the Foundation.

#2: Invest in a primer

In the summer, the motto is: less is more! But you can not do without this beauty product: primer. It forms a light layer over the skin and prevents the make-up from settling.

#3: Bronzer instead of rouge

In the summer, the skin needs a little color! If the natural tan comes in, you can apply a touch of bronzer. This gives the face a summery complexion. In order for the result to look natural, you should only apply the bronzer to the highest parts of the face: forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose. Important: do not forget to veneer! Otherwise, the bronzer looks too hard on the face.

#4: A light BB cream works wonders

The fact is that you sweat in the summer. It is therefore (almost) inevitable that the make-up will lose some color during the day. But so that you have as much as possible of your make-up, the motto is NOT: more is more! Instead, you should forego a lot of make-up and concentrate only on the basics. Instead of a heavy foundation choose a light BB cream. In the summer you can also apply transparent mascara on the eyelashes – so you prevent unsightly panda eyes.

#5: Give the Eyeshadow a little hold

So-called Eyecream products are wonderfully easy to apply because they are buttery and soft. But that is exactly what can be fatal in summer. Because you sweat in the heat, the color likes to settle in the folds and looks spotty. Invest in a good eye-primer in the summer and wear only powdery eyeshadows.

#6: Forgoing shimmer

Who does not love a little glitter and shimmer? But in the summer you should do without it. Because as soon as the temperatures rise, the beautiful shimmer can quickly give the face an unintentionally greasy glow.

Instead, bring some color into the game with a lipstick. It keeps you cool even in hot weather and makes your whole look look fresher and more vibrant. Great in the summer look rich red and pink tones. Bright pink shades can be highlighted with some lip gloss.

#7: Economical in the T-Zone

Especially in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) you tend to sweat more in the summer. If this site is overcored, it can quickly happen that the pores become clogged. So here too, less is more!