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The Best Fashion Tip Of All Time (And How To Use it in Real Life)

by Alina

Although it’s something that literally everyone does, dressing up (or putting together an outfit if you fancy it) can feel like the most difficult and frustrating part of the morning. Who didn’t stand in front of a closet full of clothes and thought I had nothing to put on? Rest assured, you are not alone in this daily puzzle. To this end, we have consulted an expert group – top designers, style consultants and retail professionals – to perform the act (art?) Of dressing once and for all to demystify.

1.Balance Ratios


How to actually do it: Obviously you want to show what you’re proud of – taut arms or a narrow waist. It’s hard to downplay less beloved parts. A tactic? Add opposite volume, such as wearing long-leg trousers to compensate for a heavier top half that carries something fitting. “The goal is to balance,” explains designer Nicole Miller. “So avoid anything that is too big, otherwise you look bigger.” Another idea: distraction. If you’re pear-shaped, wear unforgettable black pants and wear a bold scarf to draw attention to the top, says Louise Roe, author of the guide Front Roe.

2.Apply Trends According To Age


How to actually do it: There’s probably an adult version of Style du Jour. Harvest tops: To prevent the skin from becoming visible, combine a shirt that hits the navel with a high-waisted skirt – or a longer top with a crop top over it. “It looks similar,” promises designer Rebecca Minkoff. “You never want to look like you’re uncomfortable at your age and try to look younger,” says Lilliana Vazquez, a style expert.

3.The Right Bra Makes You Look Slimmer


How to actually do it: “Where your breasts sit on your chest makes a big difference in the fit of your clothes,” says Vazquez. In other words, if you’re wearing a bra that sits right, there’s no hanging or bulging – and that means your silhouette looks simpler from every angle. The target is located in the middle between the elbows and shoulders. They’ve reached an agreement when “the front center plate of the bra is flat, the cups don’t have wrinkles or gaps, and the bra doesn’t rise or cause bulges,” says Kristen Supulski, the merchandising director of Vanity Fair Brand Lingerie. “If you can only press two fingers under the tape and it still feels good, that’s the perfect fit.””

4. Don’t Be Too Matchy Matchy


How to actually do it: Try to wear colors that reinforce each other rather than “fit” in the traditional sense. For a simple hack, Minkoff says, “look at a simple color wheel. The colors that are opposite each other on the wheel complement each other.” (Think of not obvious but exciting combinations such as orange and navy or purple and saffron.) Another task is to diversify your accessories into color and texture. (A beloved trio from the vault of Betty Halbreich, a person who shops in New York’s mountain village of Goodman, and the author of the style memoirs I drink: “A black dress, navy blue shoes, and a burgundy handbag.”) And under no circumstances should you ever rock a jewelry suite. Vazquez says, “Everything that was sold together as a set looks really outdated.”

5.Show Skin Selectively


How to actually do it: “Don’t give people too many things at once to look at them,” says Halbreich. “If you’re wearing a low-cut dress, focus on cleavage – you don’t need bare arms and legs either.” The concept also applies to the fit: a body-focused dress is better with a more reasonable neckline and hem, whereas a skirt, who sits a few centimetres above the knee, does not raise his eyebrows when it is exhibited rather than narrow.

6. Spend As Much As You Can Afford For Staples


How to actually do it: First, a disclaimer. There is no need to blow up the bank in terms of the essentials – T-shirts, button-downs, jeans – for which there are numerous quality options at reasonable prices. Instead, you should (if you can) learn about the types of items where even the Cheapo versions don’t steal exactly. Bargain cashmere, for example, still brings you 100 US dollars. But this sweater will expand quickly, and then you’ll have to blow up another 100 dollars to replace it, rather than just spending a little more. “When you buy classics like a great black blazer, it’s important to invest in better fabrics like wool that keep better over time,” says Minkoff. Calculate the price per wear and tear to avoid sticker shock.

7.Develop A Signature Style


How to actually do it: “Find out what an idiot-proof look you have,” says designer Nanette Lepore, and then look for variations on the subject. Clueless? Imagine the outfits in which you feel most comfortable. Or ask people close to you how you look best. If you have focused on the essentials, you will find different settings. “I’m tending to jackets, so I’m doing a bomber style, then a silk version or a denim jacket with leather sleeves,” says Minkoff. “Whenever you feel the need to talk yourself into things, it’s a red flag that you have

8.Everyone Should Have A Classic White Shirt


How to do it: Choose a pure white instead of ivory, which may be filthy. “But since white has the potential to make your teeth look yellow by comparison, you should wear a bold lipstick with a blue undertone like fuchsia to make your teeth appear brighter,” recommends Florence Thomas, Creative Director at Thomas Pink. Not sure which cut is best for you? A button with a stitchinator in the waist or curved seams of the princess can give everyone a feminine hourglass shape. Make sure that the shoulder seams are swaying with your shoulders and that neither the front nor the back are pulled out. “Everything else can be tailored,” says Thomas. So that cotton shirts do not discolor, do not clean them chemically. Wash and press them like men’s shirts.

9. Mix Prints And Patterns


How to actually do it: Doubling patterns can help you look confident and chic – or as if you’ve dressed up in the dark. The former can be achieved by following these guidelines. Stick to a similar color family – and prefer the same background tone. Some pairings are like PB & J – they just work. “Dots with stripes or flowers usually go well together,” says Minkoff. The same applies to leopard print with a non-critter pattern or Paisley with squares or plaid. Near-match matches are a no-no. For example, Vazquez says, kick patterns and plaid are too similar to be simpatico. And two large-format prints will fight for supremacy – and cause headaches for people. Complete the outfit with neutral accessories. Precautions Roe: “Don’t add any more color to the mixture.”

10.Jewelry Should Emphasize Your Properties


Here’s how it works: The right pair of earrings can flatter your face shape. For example, long earrings make your face look thinner when it’s on the round side, says jewelry designer Lizzie Fortunato. If, on the other hand, you have an elongated face, short, chunky earrings like oversized rivets will direct the focus outward and your face won’t be quite as narrow. If you have a large bust, a necklace should beat an inch above the gap or higher. Longer strands or pendants lie unfavorably on the body and draw attention to each contour. Finally, choose earrings in lighter colors such as pearls or white stone to make your face look radiant.

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