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Tips for having babyish soft skin

by Alina

Outdoors, sun, sea… To be more at peace with this wonderful trio, you need to protect and care for your skin more than ever. Thus, you can have lively, sparkling, soft and healthy skin.
Worn and dried skin,

acne and pimples, cracks and wrinkles… It is very possible to face such side effects of spending time outdoors and on the beaches, swimming a lot and enjoying the warm weather. However, by protecting our skin both internally and externally, we can have soft and babyish skin on sunny days by maintaining it.

But how?

Use sunscreen

Use a minimum of 30 factor sunscreen to avoid exposure to the harmful effects of the sun. In this way, you protect your skin from burns, spots and freckles, wear and tear. Always apply your sunscreen when you go out and apply it every two hours while sunbathing.


Do not apply concealer

Your skin wants to breathe more in summer. Avoid using heavy concealers and foundations to keep your pores open. Moreover, the foundations used in hot weather increase the formation of acne.

Switch to water-based products

Just as you don’t use the clothes you wear in winter in summer, you should also give up the skin products you use in cold weather in summer; you should switch to low-fat and water-based care products instead of oily products. You should choose products such as moisturizers, tonics and masks accordingly.

Keep your skin clean

Always clean your makeup with cleansing milk before going to bed and adjust the PD balance using a tonic. Get rid of fatigue and toxins by repeating skin cleansing in the morning. Exfoliate and get on both your face and body. Use purifying masks to remove the impurities left under the skin by sunscreens and bronzers. Clean your skin regularly and take a steam bath.

Make a moisture mask

Use a moisturizer to suit your skin type, not any moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer to your face with soft, light touches. Make a moisture mask once or twice a week to meet your skin’s growing moisture needs during the summer months.

Wear hats and sunglasses

Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun and to prevent wrinkles around the eyes; Protect your face and neck with wide-brimmed hats.

Don’t neglect your heels

It’s perfectly normal for your heels to crack and dry when exposed to the sun and open air. Do not leave your heels in tatty, use ponza stone and foot moisturizer.

Drink plenty of water

The best friend of the skin is water. Drinking water regulates the flow of your body, helps you eliminate toxins, keeps your skin moist. When water deficiency occurs in the body, the skin dries, cracks and loses tension. Increase your water consumption to keep your skin moist during the summer.

Eat healthy and light

Healthy and light diet is one of the keys to healthy skin. Switch to a much lighter diet in summer; Include cereals, vegetables and fruits, milk and dairy products, meat and legumes in the required doses into your daily diet. Reduce fat and sugar, avoid ready-to-eat foods.

Sleep regularly

Regular sleep is important in healthy skin. Exposed to open air and sunlight all day, your skin is refreshed and revitalized while sleeping. Keep dust and bacteria away from your skin by changing your pillows and bed linens more frequently than ever before.



Don’t forget sports in the summer. When you exercise, your blood flow increases, oxygen reaches even the smallest tissue, and your metabolism accelerates. This returns to you as a healthier and brighter skin.

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