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Tricks of quick makeup

by Alina

Suddenly you have to leave the house and you only have five minutes. Just read our great makeup tips.

Get rid of color differences


The sun and the passing time cause color differences on our faces. Which makes us look tired and older than we are. Here’s a great suggestion that will prevent color differences in the long run and instantly give you smooth skin! Get colourful moisturizers called BB cream instead of foundation, which act as sunscreen and smooth the skin. It doesn’t take care to drive like a foundation, so you can look great in just a few seconds.

It is more appropriate to use your preference as bont color in favor of light pink or peach tones, which will give you a fresh out of sport. You can strengthen this effect by applying a slight polisher on it if you wish. However, if your cheeks have lost their fullness, try to apply the bout as lightly as possible.

Make your eyes clear

Try turquoise, green or oil blue eyeliners to instantly get a fresh look. Then make a lot of mascara of your eyelashes. So you don’t have to put too much effort into the rest of the makeup.

Remove brightness


BB creams can make a brighter appearance than a normal foundation. If you don’t like it, you can apply transparent powder on your face and neck with a large brush.

Polish your lips


If your goal is just to look healthy, all you have to do at such a cramped time is to give your lips a natural glow. Guarantee a healthy look with shades like pale pink, peach or salmon.

Shape your eyebrows

We all know the eyebrow trend of recent years. Straight eyebrows that look as thick as possible, as if they weren’t removed. Even though your eyebrow structure is thin, it is not difficult to follow this trend. All you have to do is carefully fill between your eyebrows with eyebrow shadow. However, if you don’t have time, you can just draw a vague line to clarify your eyebrows, then scan it upwards with a little jelly and eyebrow brush to make it tidy.

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