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What we know and don’t know about pimples

by Alina

We hear a lot about pimples every day. Some of them are true, others are nothing more than legends. The pimples that we’ve been facing since we were 12 years, at best, continue to bother us for a few years. But in some bodies, it doesn’t let us off in adulthood. Event dethrones five legends that prevent you from coping with pimples more easily.

Myth 1: Adults don’t have acne


Anyone who has to fight a pimple that erupts in percentages just before a romantic dinner or an important job interview knows that acne is not just a adolescent problem. Because skin disorders usually occur when significant hormonal changes occur in the body. And that’s true in adulthood. For example, some of the drugs we use, even stress, can affect our hormone balance. And of course, in times like pregnancy and menopause, hormones change and the skin reacts as well.

Myth 2: Chocolate causes acne


Have you ever rejected a piece of sugar or a delicious cup of coffee for the health of your skin? There’s no credible evidence that chocolate, peanut butter or caffeine make pimples. But we know for certain that drinking enough water is good for your health in every sense, as well as beneficial to your beauty by maintaining the moisture balance of your skin.

Myth 3: Don’t use sunscreen if you have acne

It is very important to protect you from the sun for the health of your skin, but you also need to take advantage of the sun. If you think your sunscreen causes acne, it’s probably because of the formula for the product you’re using. Fortunately, there are many different sunscreens today. So you can choose the one that works best for your sensitive skin, and better yet, you can choose “non-comedogenic” (non-comedogenic) formulas on them. So you can be sure that the product does not cover your pores. Your skin will be grateful to you.

Myth 4: Skin care does not prevent acne, at best you can cover some powder in visibility.


Decades ago, that was true. Oily and dark care products could close pores and cause acne. Today, however, lighter formulas allow the skin to breathe, as well as eliminate various disorders caused by skin structure, thus supporting the fight against acne. Furthermore, new products, such as Event Total Effects BB SPF15 cream or Olay Essentials Complete SPF15 cream, protect from the sun and contribute to the skin’s moisture balance.

Myth 5: Sunbathing helps fight acne


Some believe that the sun’s rays balance the oily tissue of the skin and even eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. In fact, even if the sun is temporary, it can dry out your skin or make you feel less oily. But in fact, your skin still produces oil. In addition, radiation from UV rays does not penetrate your skin deep enough to remove the bacteria that cause pimples.

Myth 6: No pimples on clean skin

Adolescent studies show that washing the face twice a day is good once or never washed. However, using too much cleansing product also disturbs the skin. Moreover, the skin problems that will arise because of this are very similar to acne. Therefore, the main thing to observe in skin care is balance. Your skin needs in your daily skin care regimen

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